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One more reason to vote against McCain. 
30th-Oct-2008 04:23 pm
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Sam Bee puts the smackdown on John McCain. (Her bit starts at about the 3 minute mark.)

Samantha Bee:
John McCain has finally put the concerns of women where they belong: in derisive air-quotes. ...Reasonable people can disagree about abortion but still agree on the unimportance of women's health.


I'm not sure if anybody here is still unconvinced about voting Obama... if so, my condolences...

some e-cards

... but I wanted to mention an oft-neglected fact about voting for Obama: you don't have to be a die-hard fan of his to vote for him. A vote for president is not a marriage vow; you don't have to have stars in your eyes and think he's perfect. An election is a job interview, and you vote for the person you think would be better at the job. And not voting doesn't get you off the hook; IMHO, you can't wash your hands of any responsibility for the direction of the country by abstaining. Mathematically, not voting would be the same thing as casting half a vote for Obama AND half a vote for McCain.

Here's the thing: I didn't vote for him him in the primaries, but I admire Barack Obama. I think he's run an excellent campaign. I am increasingly hopeful both that he'll win and that he'll do some good as president. But I also know that he'll let me down. He'll disappoint me sometimes. Hell, he has already. But the reason he can disappoint me is because I think he's capable of doing better.

John McCain couldn't disappoint me, because I don't have any faith that his plans would do any good for me or the country. He would frighten me, though. I spent the 2000 election season ranting about how George W. Bush was an asshole and an imbecile... and I had no idea, not the slightest inkling, of how catastrophic his (p)residency would be. No one did.

And to those of you who are on board: don't get complacent. I don't care what the polls say, I'm terrified they'll steal it again. We already know they're trying to suppress the vote. So please vote, even if the polls say Obama's winning your state handily. And since lines may be epic (especially in Democratic districts... just a coincidence, I'm sure), find out if you can and vote early.

The ACLU has some tips:

Happy voting!
30th-Oct-2008 08:36 pm (UTC)
I love that Sam Bee piece SO MUCH.
30th-Oct-2008 08:40 pm (UTC)
She really nails him. And you can tell she's kinda pissed off for real, too, like Jon was over the "real America" thing.
30th-Oct-2008 09:33 pm (UTC)
Oh my God, I love Stewart and Colbert and all the people on their shows, but that one would have had me screaming "Yes!" and hugging my television had it not been for the fact I'd probably have terrified my roommates.

And ITA to the Obama thing. The Republicans like to paint us all as being these mad fans who see him as some sort of divine figure. I know he's has faults. Hell, he even said himself he wouldn't be a perfect president. But for these PUMAs, who fly in the face of their own cantidate's request, holy crap, I don't even know. And going to Sarah Palin just because she's a women? Obama's more a feminist than she could ever hope to be. It was the same with Obama supporters early on who said they'd vote Republican if Hilary won. I can only imagine most were/are just conservatives posing as die-hard supporters of only one person so they could try to divide this party. The rest, the ones actually turning against their own values...if, God help us, McCain wins, I'll blame them before the Republicans, and not let it go for as long as he's in office.
30th-Oct-2008 09:38 pm (UTC)
I'm hoping there aren't as many of those people as the media makes out. I think there are fewer of them than racists who've decided Obama is a sekkrit Muslim ter'rist, so they can feel ok about voting Republican. :p In any case, I don't think McCain can win, but he still might "win" if you get my drift.
31st-Oct-2008 02:10 pm (UTC)
f, God help us, McCain wins, I'll blame them before the Republicans, and not let it go for as long as he's in office.

Ditto! I can understand my longtime/lifetime Republican friends voting for McCain; I cannot for the life of me understand why any personal calling themself a Democrat would, especially a pro-choice, feminist woman!
(Deleted comment)
31st-Oct-2008 11:54 pm (UTC)
That's awesome! Good for you for voting early. :)
31st-Oct-2008 08:45 pm (UTC)
Apparently Sarah Palin thinks that being criticized infringes on her First Amendment rights. Once again she proves she is no scholar, nor is she smarter than a fifth grader...


In a conservative radio interview that aired in Washington, D.C. Friday morning, Republican vice presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin said she fears her First Amendment rights may be threatened by "attacks" from reporters who suggest she is engaging in a negative campaign against Barack Obama.

Palin told WMAL-AM that her criticism of Obama's associations, like those with 1960s radical Bill Ayers and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, should not be considered negative attacks. Rather, for reporters or columnists to suggest that it is going negative may constitute an attack that threatens a candidate's free speech rights under the Constitution, Palin said.

"If [the media] convince enough voters that that is negative campaigning, for me to call Barack Obama out on his associations," Palin told host Chris Plante, "then I don't know what the future of our country would be in terms of First Amendment rights and our ability to ask questions without fear of attacks by the mainstream media."

31st-Oct-2008 11:57 pm (UTC)
aydidiyididiyi. <- [noise of someone wobbling their face really quickly side to side]


The scary thing is, there are a lot of people who think that the First Amendment guarantees the right not to be laughed at/called out.
1st-Nov-2008 06:16 pm (UTC)
What pisses me off is that this is not on the front page of CNN... It should be plastered EVERYWHERE that this woman cannot even comprehend the most basic right of freedom of speech and press.
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